Our aim is to run our hotel in environmental friendly way. This is a part of our preception of quality. We separate the waste as best as we can and try to avoid using plastic and portion packages. You will find quite a lot of norwegian and local products on our menus and only wines from Europe on our wine list. In addition we invested in our private power station:


Stuttgongfossen Power Station

A summer farm had always had a very close relation to nature. Farming meant using the nature and living on the nature. A hotel uses much more than the nature in 900 masl can provide. In the 1950's a small water power station was built by Stuttgongen Waterfall to cover the rising energy consumption. It was shut down in the beginning of the 80's.

In 2005 we at Hindsæter found a partner in the sawmill in Randsverk and together we built up a new water power station. Since May 2007 Stuttgongfossen Power Station produces up to 1100 kw per hour, which is 13% of the consumption of the Vågå commune. A minimum water in the river Sjoa is always guaranteed, so there is no damage to the protected river.

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